Shall I prepare the whole repertoire?

The applicants give a list with their preference. After the evaluations of the recordings and CV, the Maestro will suggest each participant on which movements he/she should work on to have a real development during the workshop.

It may also occur that the Maestro suggests further pieces that may be more suitable for the improvement.

Is there any session about conducting technique?

The main point of the workshop is to focus on the music and not on the basic of the conducting technique.

If the participant is at an early stage of his/her conducting training, the Maestro will help him/her to chose the right repertoire to work on and will offer extra sessions to build a strong and effective technique.

During the one-on-one sessions the Maestro will help each participant at his/her individual stage of conducting training to face any technical issue that comes to light.

What about the analysis of the scores?

The Workshop is very intensive and the Maestro constantly relates conducting to sound, phrasing, articulation and music-form. Analysis is always a part of the teaching sessions, always from a pragmatical point of view.

A “traditional lecture” on analysis can be also organized on demand within the sessions.

Is there any „Competition“ combined with this Worskhop?

No, this kind of offers only confuse the applicants: you either focus on learning or on competing and the „best participant to a masterclass“ shall not be called „winner of a competition“.

Why is there no concert at the end of the workshop in May?

In order to prepare adequately a concert, few rehearsals have to be dedicated to build up the performance instead of devoting valuable learning time to the improvement of the participants.