Savaria Symphony Orchestra

Szombathely (Hungary)

June 27 - July 1, 2021


330 min Podium Time - 1500€
150 min Conducting with Orchestra
180 min Coaching with piano


240 min Podium Time - 1200€
100 min Conducting with Orchestra
140 min Coaching with piano


Podium Time, Repertoire and Price
According to personal needs
Contact us to receive further information

Extras included in the fee

- 60 min Individual Online Meeting
1-2 weeks before the Workshop
- Video recordings
of each session and of the concert
- Everyday review and preparation
- Morning meditation
(not compulsory)


June 26: Arrival, check in and Welcome Meeting
June 27: analysis, preparation and piano session
June 28-29-30 morning: Orchestra Sessions
July 28-29-30 afternoon: Piano Sessions
July 1: Orchestra session and concert
July 2: Check out and departure


We will keep you informed about the latest national, regional rules for travelling, and protective measures.
We want to give you a peace of mind and a feeling of safety so that you can fully enjoy your participation to the workshop. Furthermore, we will follow a hygiene protocol:
- Hand sanitizer stations;
- Body temperature check;
- Markers on the floor to maintain safety distances;
- Single rooms;

application deadline: Wednesday May 26


Beethoven Symphony n.6 – 1st and 2nd movement

Beethoven Egmont Overture 

Brahms Symphony n.3 – 1st, 2nd and 3rd movement

Schubert Symphony n.5 – 1st and 2nd movement

Tchaikovsky Symphony n.6 – 1st and 4th movement 



All lessons, sessions and concert will take place at the Bartok Hall, .Ràkòczi F. u. 3, Szombathely (Hungary)


ACCOMMODATION (not included in the fee)

There are single rooms with bathroom and breakfast included available in 2 different hotels.

Garda Hotel 3* – 48€/night 

Màtiàs Szàllas – 32€/night

Travel Information

The closest airports are Vienna International Airport and Budapest International Airport. 

We will provide all information about how to reach Szombathely via mail.


PAyment and cancellation policY

The payment will be made in 2 parts: 50% within 15 day after the confirmation and 50% within the beginning of the course.

There is no application fee.
In case of cancellation due to the development of the pandemic, the full fee will be returned.


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