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Conducting Teacher

The Italian conductor Giuseppe Montesano teaches conducting at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Munich..

In the last few years, he conducted in Theater Basel (Switzerland), Teatro di San Carlo di Napoli, Wexford Opera Festival, Teatro delle Muse, Teatro Pergolesi (Italy) and was a regular guest of the Orchestra Toscanini di Parma

Music Director of the Opera Studio of the Conservatorio di Milano in 2019, Giuseppe Montesano is gaining also an international reputation both as conducting teacher and vocal coach. Since the summer of 2018, he is a faculty member in the opera and conducting departments of the Vienna Summer Music Festival.

Born in Turin (Italy) studied piano, composition, and choir conducting at his hometown conservatory and orchestra conducting in Vienna and in Milano.

After his degree, he became assistant conductor of Philippe Jordan at the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and assistant of Walter Kobera at the Neue Oper Wien, the Viennese company of contemporary music.

Giuseppe Montesano won several prizes in national and international festivals and competitions both in choral and in orchestra conducting and has been a scholarship holder of the prestigious foundation „Associazione per la Musica De Sono”.

Been always an eclectic person Giuseppe Montesano is  a accredited coach specialized in the S.F.E.R.A. method and is a teacher for funcional breathing techniques. 

Orchestras in Residence

Savaria Symphony Orchestra (SSO)

The Savaria Symphony Orchestra has become one of the most significant representatives of Hungarian music in the past few years. Its repertoire includes classical and romantic compositions and music from the 20th century.  The orchestra regularly performs at various Hungarian and international festivals including International Bartók Festival and Seminar, Iseum Festival. For its outstanding quality of work, the orchestra received the Béla Bartók-Ditta Pásztory Award in 1990.

The Savaria Symphony Orchestra is also renowned for being a successful performer of contemporary music. The orchestra has performed in Austria, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ireland, Turkey, Italy and other countries of Europe, as well as in South Korea.

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Rossini Symphony Orchestra (OSR)

The Orchestra performs regularly in the internationally renowned Rossini Opera Festival, in several local festivals, and plays all concerts of its symphonic season, Sinfonica 3.0, in the most beautiful historical theaters of the region Marche.

In 2014 the ORS won the Opera Oscar with the DVD of the opera Aureliano in Palmira by Gioachino Rossini, a production of the Rossini Opera Festival, and in 2016 she performed on Canale5 for B&Z Night (Bocelli and Zanetti Night).

The Orchestra Rossini plays a central role in the musical education of the younger generations. It organizes projects such as The School Goes to the Theater, the Youth Festival for Music, and the Giovani in Crescendo competition, which was rewarded for cultural excellence from the Ministry of Education, University, and Research.

The orchestra has toured in Japan, China, Korea South, Malta, Turkey, Austria, France, Germany, and Sweden. Collaborations with artists like (among the others) Zubin Mehta, Alberto Zedda, Michele Mariotti, Giovanni Sollima, Enrico Dindo, and Stefano Bollani make the orchestra one of the leading ensembles of the country.

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 Szolnok Symphony Orchestra 

According to historical newspapers the orchestra held its first concert in 1927 on the occasion of commemorating the centenary of Beethoven’s death. However, after various attempts of establishing, the orchestra in its current formation officially was founded in 1965 by conductor József Bali. As the only professional orchestra in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County it fulfills an irreplaceable role in the region’s musical and cultural life.

Izaki Masahiro has been the orchestra’s chief conductor and principle artistic director of City of Szolnok since 2007. Under his leading the orchestra soon got recognized by the Hungarian government and by 2012 reached the highest classifications in performing arts distributed among professional orchestras.

The orchestra has a wide ranging repertoire that includes music from the Baroque, Romantic and Modern Era. The orchestra plays a very important part on both secular and religious events organized by the City of Szolnok and it also contributes to the musical productions of local Szigligeti Theater. Since its establishment the orchestra has been traditionally playing an important role in the musical education of the youth by frequently performing in elementary and secondary schools.

In the last fifty years the orchestra has successfully toured in many European countries including Austria, Germany, Poland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland as well as it has performed in Japan in many occasions to display the cultural heritage and qualities of the country and the City of Szolnok.


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