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We offer the possibility to meet our teacher before the application deadline. Giuseppe Montesano will introduce the course, its principles and will answer all your questions about the participation to the workshop. 

The free open classes are free of charges. 

Please fill the form and chose one of the 3 meetings. You will receive a mail with the link to the zoom meeting. 

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Workshop Conducting - the idea

This Workshop is designed for all conductors, professionals, advanced students and beginners.

Each participant should focus on his/her own goals and development. He/she should choose at least 3 movements (from the symphonies or overtures) which can be discussed with the teacher also in relation to the previous experience.
In order to accommodate the participants ́ needs, the podium time and repertoire can be individually defined. Ask via mail for an individual program.
Our philosophy is to guide the participant to move truly steps forward in his musical development. Different people have different strengths, needs and approach what comes to standing in front of the orchestra. While someone might just need minor adjustments during the whole rehearsal, another one might need support in the form of a more traditional lesson. The leader of this workshop will help all students to accommodate their different needs and to get as much as possible from this experience.

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There will be daily sessions with feedback, discussions and concrete planing of the upcoming rehearsals. During the one-on-one meetings it will be possible to work on conducting and rehearsal’s technique, analysis and understanding of the score.
One analysis session will be also scheduled to have an overview about the preparation of the scores, which is always an important topic in the development of each conductor. This session will be also focused on how to relate the formal and harmonic analysis to the listening while conducting.
Working with a choir gives the students the possibility to work intensively on learning how to connect breath, phrasing and conducting.
There will be just 6 places in order to have enough time to work intensively with everyone.

Technique is communication:
the two words are synonymous in conductors.

Leonard Bernstein

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Questions And Answers

The applicants give a list of their preferences. After the evaluations of the recordings and CV, the Maestro will suggest to each participant which movements he/she should work on to have a real development during the workshop. 

It may also occur that the Maestro suggests further pieces that may be more suitable for the improvement.

No, this kind of offer only confuses the applicants and it’s not more than a bait to get more applications. You either focus on learning and developing or on competing. Being awarded as „the best participant to a masterclass“ shall not be called „winner of the competition“.

The Workshop is very intensive and the Maestro constantly relates conducting to sound, phrasing, articulation and music-form. Analysis is always a part of the teaching sessions, always from a pragmatical point of view.

A “traditional lecture” on analysis can be also organized on demand within the sessions.

The main point of the workshop is to focus on the music and not on the basic of the conducting technique.

If the participant is at an early stage of his/her conducting training, the Maestro will help him/her to chose the right repertoire to work on and will offer extra sessions to build a strong and effective technique.

During the one-on-one sessions the Maestro will help each participant at his/her individual stage of conducting training to face any technical issue that comes to light.

The organization of our workshop is very flexible, because your development is our only concern. 

We expect from each participant an appropriate and correct behavior during the whole workshop. In case of any misconduct the organization reserves the right to exclude any participant.